Reward Yourself

We treasure your relationship with us and present you with a new Online Redemption Platform. To suit your different needs, we offer you two options of Rewards scheme - Bonus Points and CashBack. You can earn Bonus Points or CashBack according to which types of MANHATTAN Credit Card you are holding.

Reward your credit card spend with CashBack or Bonus Points

CashBack Scheme

You can earn CashBack+ when you spend with your Qualified CashBack Cards*. To provide you with more flexibility, CashBack earned will not be automatically credited to your credit card account from 18 Feb 2014, but you can freely redeem cash or gifts via our new Online Rewards Redemption Platform. To maximize your enjoyment, the validity of your CashBack will also be extended from 3 years to perpetual in due course. Stay tuned.

Exclusive for MANHATTAN Platinum and Titanium Card - up to 5% CashBack#.

0.5% CashBack

Spoil yourself with 0.5% CashBack on all spending. Live Smart and earn smart!

Up to 5% CashBack

By carrying forward the balance from previous statement, you will earn even more CashBack. If the outstanding balance from your previous statement reaches the following outstanding balance, you will enjoy up to 5% CashBack on new retail spending of the same statement. Enjoy more financial freedom while earning CashBack!

Total outstanding
balance (HK$)
Outstanding balance = Previous Balance - Payment and all cancelled/refunded transactions (Credits).
CashBack for
this month
Less than HK$5,001
HK$5,001 - HK$20,000
HK$20,001 - HK$50,000
HK$50,001 or above
Retail Spending

Show me an example

Sarah's statement balance for the month of January 2012 is HK$25,000. By payment due date in February 2012, Sarah made a payment of HK$10,000 and her total outstanding balance is HK$15,000.

With a total outstanding balance of HK$15,000, Sarah will earn 1.0% CashBack on all retail spending posted on the February 2012 statement.

HK$15,000 => 1.0%
Total outstanding balance determines CashBack % for retail spending in February

Sarah accumulates HK$5,000 of retail spending in February 2012 statement

HK$5,000 X 1.0% = HK$50
Retail spending X CashBack % = CashBack earned

Calculate my CashBack

Total Outstanding Balance Outstanding balance = Previous Balance - Payment and all cancelled/refunded transactions (Credits).

CashBack % for this month


Retail Spending


HK$0 CashBack will be credited when the accumulated amount is HK$0.001 or more Each customer is entitled to a maximum of HK$ 5,000 CashBack each year


  1. The CashBack amount must reach HK$10 or above in order to be credited into the credit card account to offset the outstanding balance of the next statement. 1%, 2% and 5% CashBack offers are valid until 30 June 2012. 0.5% CashBack offer is valid until further notice. Each customer is entitled to a maximum of HK$5,000 CashBack each year.
  2. Outstanding balance = Previous Balance - Payment and all cancelled/refunded transactions (Credits).
  3. Cash rebate amount = Total amount of new retail spending x percentage of extra CashBack.

+ Cash Rebate or Cash Back that the customers earned when spending with Qualified CashBack Cards share the same meaning as “CashBack” described here.

* Qualified CashBack Cards include MANHATTAN Credit Card under CashBack Programme, MANHATTAN Platinum Credit Card and MAHHATTAN Titanium Credit Card.

# CashBack Scheme is applicable to MANHATTAN Platinum and Titanium Card

Terms and Conditions for MANHATTAN Platinum and Titanium Card CashBack Scheme

Bonus Point Scheme*

Earn 1 Bonus Point upon each HK$1 you spend on your Card and redeem excellent rewards.

Richer Choice of Gift

We have prepared an extensive choice of reward items for you. No matter what your preference is, for sure you will find something that suits you at our Rewards Catalogue. The choice of gift has been expanded to cover a wide range of products and services including air miles, electronics, home & family, lifestyle, travel and more.

Manage your Points with more Flexibility

The new “Points plus Pay” feature ensures that you no longer have to wait until you accumulate sufficient poits for making redemption. What’s more, you may combine bonus points from your Standard Chartered and MANHATTAN Credit Card for gift redemption.

Display clearly on statement

You may view your accumulated CashBack amount on your monthly statement.

Want to reserve a seat at the hottest 903 id club Music is Live Shows? You can redeem the show tickets with your MANHATTAN id Credit Card's Bonus Points.

Get the perfect gift from Rewards Catalogue

1> Spend

Swipe your card and get 1 point for every HK$1 spending

2> Redeem

Click here to view Catalogue and Redeem

Online Redemption

Simply log on to the Online Rewards Redemption platform to redeem your favourite items. If you are an existing user of Online Banking or Credit Card eStatement users, please use your existing username and password to log on. For new user, please follow below steps to register and gain access.

Please click here for full set of Terms and Conditions and FAQ.


Music is Live Show

Take part in the hottest 903id club Music is Live Shows and enjoy exclusive offer for MANHATTAN id Credit Card cardholders to redeem tickets with bonus points. id Platinum Card cardholders can also enjoy priority booking of tickets. Stay tuned for details.

* Bonus Points Scheme is applicable to MANHATTAN Gold, Classic Card, MANHATTAN id Platinum and Classic Card and MANHATTAN Orbis Credit Card

Terms and Conditions